Dave Brener

Why HIPAA Training Doesn’t Work. And How To Fix It

HIPAA, for better or worse, is a part of every healthcare business. It does not matter if your company is a traditional clinic or a cutting-edge AI platform powered by PHI (protected health information). There are different approaches to comply with HIPAA, and organizations as varied as clinics and AI platforms typically employ these different approaches.

The Clearinghouse Goldmine

Is your clearinghouse a goldmine? In other words, does your clearinghouse provide the tools and the tech to dig into the revenue cycle, accelerate cash and make your business office more efficient? Well, it should. This is a bold statement indeed but in the following series of blogs I will show you why it’s true.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Revises Rural Health Clinic Policies for 2022

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) just updated coverage policies for Rural Health Clinic payments and services. A Rural Health Clinic (RHC) is located in an underserved area with a shortage of primary care providers, personal health services, or both. Medicare pays RHCs for the provision of certain primary care and preventive health services in these underserved rural areas. Make sure your billing staff is aware of these modifications that went into effect Jan. 1, 2022.

National Wear Red Day® 2022

Join NHLBI, The Heart Truth®, and organizations around the country on National Wear Red Day®, celebrated each year on the first Friday in February, to bring greater attention to heart disease as a leading cause of death for Americans. Use the poster, stickers, and social media resources below to promote Wear Red Day.

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