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No Surprises Act May Have Blocked 2M Surprise Billing Claims

Since the No Surprises Act went into effect, the law has prevented more than two million surprise billing claims in its first two months of enactment, according to a survey from AHIP and the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association (BCBSA).

The No Surprises Act is in Effect. What Physicians Need to Know.

Implementation of the federal No Surprises Act, intended to protect patients from unanticipated medical expense after receiving care from an out-of-network physician, other health professional, hospital, or other provider, is very much a work in progress.

How Doctors Can Use No Surprises Act to Resolve Billing Disputes

The new federal law, which took effect in January of this year, bars surprise billing for emergency care and some nonemergency care at in-network facilities. The law and implementing regulations have established a process to determine payment for physicians, health care organizations and others that includes the IDR process.

How Rural Hospitals Are Benefiting from Remote Patient Monitoring

Patients who live in rural areas incur a variety of costs attributed to physically getting into the office to meet with their doctor when the need arises.

Medicare Patients Received 54.5M Office Visits Via Telehealth in 2020

Office visits represented 48 percent of all telehealth services used in the first year of the pandemic, making it the service most accessed via telehealth, federal data shows.

Data Media Associates, LLC and i3 Verticals Healthcare Partner to Improve Patient Statement Solutions to Facilitate Revenue Flow

Press Release - Data Media Associates, LLC today announced a strategic partnership with i3 Verticals Healthcare.

CMS Unveils Five New Efficiency Models

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is asking for feedback from stakeholders on five proposed cost-efficiency models as part of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) program. The deadline to respond is March 25, 2022.

Credit Reports Showed $88B in Past-Due Medical Debts in 2021

When past-due medical bills appear on consumer credit reports, individuals may face difficulties finding jobs, securing housing, and accessing additional healthcare services.

RISE 2022: Humana aims to use data from Fitbit to help some Medicare Advantage members predict adverse events

 Humana is working toward using Fitbit devices it has distributed to Medicare Advantage plan members to help track data on chronic conditions and to encourage healthy behaviors, a top executive said. 

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