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Emergency Medical Billing

One of the biggest problems facing medical professionals is a lack of efficient and effective billing processes. Emergency room settings, where patient populations are much larger and diversified, can present some particularly unique challenges when it comes to medical billing. To stay profitable and productive, health care workers need a way to streamline processes so they can better manage their accounts receivable.
i3 Verticals Healthcare provides powerful solutions for emergency health care professionals and facilities that need to gain better control over billing processes. With our all-in-one, easy-to-use platform, your staff will be empowered with the state-of-the-art tools to improve medical billing management at your emergency medical facility.
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Medical Billing Made Easy for Emergency Rooms

i3 Verticals Healthcare ER medical billing software helps combat the chaos commonly seen in hospitals’ accounts receivable by providing health care workers with advanced features to streamline processes. Through our software solutions, your staff can:
Under one easy-to-use dashboard, your staff can easily track billing activity from patients to payment, simplifying follow-up and improving profitability.

Our state-of-the-art software solutions are ideal for:

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Advanced Billing Software Solutions for Your Medical Practice

Not only do i3 Vertical’s Healthcare emergency medical billing software solutions streamline billing processes for health care workers, but they also empower teams with additional tools for facility success. Our software helps streamline workflows, allowing for improved accountability when tracking each step of the billing process. Easily access electronic patient health records to ensure you are compensated for all services rendered. All of this and more is made possible through i3 Verticals Healthcare’s incredible software solutions.

Patient scheduling is easier than ever before with:

Real-Time Eligibility

Allow your employees to check for physician availability in real-time in order maximize efficiency and book appointments more effortlessly, streamlining the process for both patients and everyone within your practice.

Specialty-Driven Patient Screens

Empower schedulers to ensure that their patients are getting the quality care they need from the proper specialist through our customized, specialty-driven patient screens.

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Since 1981, i3 Verticals Healthcare has been a premier office scheduling software company. We’re proud to be leaders in perfecting processes in health care facilities by empowering staff with the software solutions they need for continued success.
From robust payment features to streamlined scheduling, our solutions are designed to give your health care facility the competitive edge it needs to stay profitable and productive.
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