MIPS Strategic Guide – How to Choose the Right Reporting Partner

Written by Sarah Reiter, SVP Strategic Partnerships, Health eFilings
Given the way the MIPS program has evolved, all healthcare practices regardless of size or specialty must evolve their approach to MIPS reporting to assure their success with the program. However, most clinicians do not understand, or don’t have awareness of, the different reporting methods available to them and the impact the reporting method can have on their success with MIPS. With what is at stake financially, it is critical that you understand and select the right methodology and partner to maximize your MIPS points and protect your bottom line.
Many clinicians erroneously think that a registry is the only reporting option available to them or that they are required to use a registry. Or they think that their EHR handles reporting for them. These misperceptions and general lack of awareness of the other reporting methodology will be detrimental to your ability to be successfully with MIPS. And, given that 50% of all clinicians will be penalized annually by next year, the legacy reporting methods (registry or EHR) will not be able to fulfill enough of the reporting criteria to earn the minimum MIPS points needed to avoid the 9% reduction in Medicare reimbursements.
To help you determine if you are choosing the right reporting method and partner, we’ve identified the five most important factors to consider increasing your probability of avoiding the 9% penalty.
If you answer “no” to any of these questions, then the reporting partner you are working with will not be able to maximize the MIPS points you can earn. Given every MIPS point matters because MIPS points determine your reimbursements and impacts your bottom line, it’s time to consider a new strategy with a new reporting partner.
Health eFilings, a CEHRT, is the national leader in automated MIPS reporting. They utilize ONC certified software to handle 100% of the tracking and reporting of the required data to CMS. And because their service is classified as an end-to-end electronic solution, you’ll also earn additional bonus points toward your MIPS score even though they are doing all the work. Health eFilings as your partner is the more effective and efficient reporting method so you will earn more points and, ultimately, receive higher reimbursements.
Learn more about how Health eFilings can help your practice here: https://healthefilings.com/i3-verticals Contact Sarah Reiter, [email protected] or 608.841.1866 to find out how to maximize your Medicare reimbursements and protect your bottom line.
About Health eFilings:
Health eFilings, a CEHRT, is the national leader in automated MIPS compliance and quality data analytics. Its services drive improved patient outcomes, optimized quality measures and stronger financial results for healthcare practices. Their proprietary cloud based ONC certified software is significantly more efficient and effective than any registry as it does all the work to extract, calculate, benchmark, format and electronically submit MIPS data to CMS so clients avoid significant penalties and earn maximum reimbursements. And, you can have peace of mind knowing you are working with the best partner because CMS has accepted 100% of Health eFilings’ submissions. Learn more here: https://healthefilings.com/i3-verticals
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