Online Payments

i3 Verticals Healthcare provides a secure, proprietary payment interface. This allows you to accept all types of transactions—credit cards, debit cards, and ACH—through our online HPlusPRO and Evolution payment portals.
While the convenience of paying medical bills online offers a great benefit to many patients, HPlusPRO and Evolution also supports many payment terminal devices, including those with contactless capabilities.

A Comprehensive Solution

Patient payment portal benefits:

No need to hire an FTE to handle the call volume from patients needing to pay bills.
Bring more revenue into your practice and at a faster rate of collection.
Help to reduce your frustration with unpaid patient invoices and unsatisfied customers.
Simple and timesaving! Have the patient click a URL link from any smart device and make their payment.
Optimize medical office workflow.
Better patient – physician relationships!

Cash flow is critical

If you’re still invoicing by mail, in person, or even email, it’s a must to switch to online accounts receivable.
With i3 Verticals Healthcare’s payment solution, your patient’s invoices can be accessed through the patient portal.
Patients paying a bill can simply click a button in the online portal to make a full or partial payment. The patient can then securely and easily enter their credit card information and submit a payment anytime, anywhere.
The best part is, all payments are tracked seamlessly through our HPlusPro and Evolution billing software meaning your books stay up to date with each payment. Our digital billing solution ensures you get paid faster – touch free and worry free.

Second to None.

We never outsource customer service and support because we truly care about providing the right solutions whenever our customers need them!
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