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Each month i3 Verticals Healthcare, a trusted medical coding and office scheduling software company, would like to recognize one of our partnered vendors.

i3 Verticals Healthcare has many integrations and has strived to establish a partnership with each vendor as well as establishing a fully integrated product.
Effectively Managing Your Credentialing in 2022
Have you questioned how your organization can most effectively manage payer enrollments in 2022? When it comes to credentialing, time is money. Studies show that incomplete payer credentialing can cost a physician up to $6,600. Multiply that by the total amount of physicians in a given practice, and the potential losses are staggering.
Simplify credentialing with the right partner.
Put an end to gaps in your revenue in 2022 by optimizing your internal resources and offsetting your workload with the right partner. Credentialing services from TriZetto Provider Solutions (TPS) simplifies the credentialing process so your staff can focus on growth in the New Year. Whether you need to gain or maintain enrollments, utilize TPS’ intuitive Pulse portal, coupled with expert-supported service, to experience an end-to-end solution for your organization’s credentialing needs.
ROI Calculator
Do you know how much it really costs to manage credentialing processes in-house? TPS can help determine your practice’s costs to credential using our Credentialing ROI Calculator. Then, discover a faster, simpler route to credentialing and payer enrollments with the help of TPS.
Credentialing Showcase
Ready to see a live showcase? Join i3 Verticals Healthcare and TPS for our upcoming webinar on Tuesday, January 18th at 1 p.m. EST where credentialing expert Leah Johnson will showcase how streamlined credentialing services – powered by the Pulse Portal – can create efficient workflows so you can focus on other revenue-generating activities. Register today!
Intuitive Solutions to Reinvent Your Practice
Beyond credentialing, TPS can manage every aspect of the revenue cycle. From automatically appealing underpayments to discovering insurance coverage in a matter of seconds, TPS aims to streamline the user experience with innovative solutions that simplify the business of healthcare. Discover how TriZetto Provider Solutions – together with i3 Verticals Healthcare – empowers confident billing, faster payments and more informed decisions.
For more information on TriZetto Provider Solutions, please visit our website.

i3 Verticals Healthcare Vendor Partners & Strategic Relationships

We have also developed strategic relationships with many partners to provide a great all-inclusive package for our customers.

i3 Verticals Healthcare, a trusted medical billing software company, has built standard and customized HL7 interfaces for several of our current partnered vendors as well as many hospitals and EHR companies.
The partnerships that i3 Verticals Healthcare has worked to establish will enhance our product offering and thus greatly improve your clinical and financial workflow. These companies were chosen by i3 Verticals Healthcare’s vendor integration team based on the vendor’s commitment to customer service and making the overall integration as seamless as possible.

Second to None.

We never outsource customer service and support because we truly care about providing the right solutions whenever our customers need them!
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