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i3 Verticals Healthcare is a leading medical billing software company for large billing companies, as well as smaller style boutique billing companies. At i3 Verticals Healthcare, we provide sophisticated software, with consultants that have years of experience that are ready and willing to help with the setup of your newly established company.
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Our Specialty Billing Software Can Transform Your Boutique Medical Practice

At i3 Verticals Healthcare, we’ve created robust medical billing software to speed up the billing process and improve accuracy at every step, regardless of how large or small your practice may be. Our software has been developed for a variety of medical offices and hospital-based specialties, offering customizable features to meet the unique needs of different types of practices and health care providers.

Features of our medical billing software include:

*We offer our own EHR solution that is 2015 compliant and certified by the Certification Commission for Health Information Technology® (CCHIT). This software can streamline data entry, offering exciting ways to enhance efficiency in the EHR management process.
To request your free, live demo of our medical billing and practice management software, contact i3 Verticals Healthcare online.
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"i3 Verticals Healthcare is a true partner with their clients. They listen to our feedback. We get weekly software updates rather than annual software updates, and I’ve never considered leaving i3 Verticals Healthcare even though we’ve experienced 600% growth over 10 years. I would buy i3 Verticals Healthcare again tomorrow."

Industry-Leading Features of Our Medical Billing Software

The cutting-edge, dynamic features that come with our innovative software solutions include:

Second to None.

We never outsource customer service and support because we truly care about providing the right solutions whenever our customers need them!
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